Open air "ready-made" gallery

The Streetwalker Gallery is permanently under construction!

Ready-made object:

»A manufactured object raised to the dignity of an artwork through the choice of the artist.«

Andre Breton

Streetwalker gallery:

»Elements of the city raised to the dignity of artworks through the context of a gallery.«

Ljud group


The Streetwalker open-air gallery is a way of seeing.. a process of discovering patterns in a chaotic world… an invention of meaning in a landscape of the banal. It is a practical experiment in the power of imagination to transform our everyday surroundings… It is also a nice way of making huge works of art without having to do a lot of physical work!


We are expanding the concept of ready-made art by using everyday elements of the city and turning them into works of art. City lights, traffic signs, cracked walls, found objects, interesting views and any other potential artworks are fitted with gallery plates (the name, author and concept of the artwork) and a modern art gallery is constructed around them.

Visitors can explore the Streetwalker gallery independently or join a guided tour: lead by a curator they are presented with ready-made sculptures and paintings, interactive installations and even »performance art« works. Pretty soon the audience is no longer sure; is that old lady walking her dog a chance passer-by or a performance artist? Or both?

The border between life and art is blurred and the audience is invited to play not only with our view of the city but also with issues of contemporary art and the ways in which it is usually perceived.

Besides the curator, the newly opened gallery employs hostesses, security guards and cleaning staff, who also like to debate artistic questions with the visitors. Of course as on any good gallery opening there is even free wine …

Streetwalker galleries are made in collaboration with local artists which participate in both the “discovering” of the artworks and the “presenting” of the tours.

»All knowledge is but remembrance.«


»All art is but discovery.«

Ljud group

P.S. The project is also totally ecological; we recycle everything, even the ideas!